Corporate Governance

Temasek is a commercial investment company governed by the provisions of the Singapore Company Act.

Our governance framework emphasises substance over form, long term over short term, and puts institution over self. It provides for accountability and a robust balance between empowerment and compliance.

We espouse the principles of commercial discipline, built on our set of MERITT values, namely: meritocracy, excellence, respect, integrity, teamwork and trust.

As an investment company, Temasek owns and manages its assets, investing and divesting with full commercial discretion and flexibility under the guidance of our Board, including investment, divestment and business decisions.

Our commitment to deliver long term value is supported by a philosophy and culture of ownership.

Under Singapore’s Constitution and laws, neither the President of the Republic of Singapore nor the Singapore Minister for Finance, our shareholder, is involved in our investment, divestment or other business decisions, except in relation to the protection of Temasek’s own past reserves.

As an engaged shareholder, we promote sound corporate governance in our portfolio companies. This includes the formation of high calibre, experienced and diverse boards to guide and complement management leadership. We do not direct their business decisions or operations.

To read more on corporate governance, please see A Trusted Steward in the Temasek Review 2017.

1Under the Singapore Minister for Finance (Incorporation) Act (Chapter 183), the Minister for Finance is a body corporate.





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