Temasek Foundations

To better serve the evolving needs of the community, we regrouped our existing 17 endowments under six Temasek Foundations. Find out more about our Foundations from their respective Chairmen.

We brought together our 17 endowments under a family of six Foundations in 2016. This enables them to better plan and deliver community programmes under their respective mandates, amidst a rapidly changing world.

It also reinforces Temasek’s approach to engaging with our communities, which is founded on the concept of sustainable and responsible contributions.


Temasek Trust continues to focus on the financial management of the endowment gifts, to ensure their prudent and sustainable distributions to their respective Foundations.

The Trust also serves as a convener of philanthropic ideas and best practices, an advocate of corporate giving, and a catalyst for enhancing capabilities. Now 10 years old, Temasek Trust has its role broadened to include thought leadership on philanthropy.


Temasek Foundation Management Services was established for economies of scale, pulling together resources to enhance capacity and capabilities, in support of the non‑profit Foundations:

Temasek Foundation International

Capability and Capacity Building

Temasek Foundation Cares

Communities in Singapore

Temasek Foundation Connects

Building Bridges

Temasek Foundation Nurtures


Temasek Foundation Innovates

Research and Development

Temasek Foundation Ecosperity







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