Temasek Philanthropic Platform

To better serve the evolving needs of the community, we have refined our existing 17 endowments into six Foundations. Find out more about our six Foundations from their respective Chairmen.

We launched the Temasek Philanthropic Platform in September 2016, bringing together our 17 endowments under a structure of six Foundations. The Platform reinforces Temasek’s approach to engaging with our communities, which is founded on the concept of sustainable and responsible contributions. It aims to enhance overall effectiveness by optimising resources in the delivery of programmes to beneficiaries, and to increase collaboration to achieve better outcomes.

The Platform comprises Temasek Trust, six Foundations and Temasek Foundation Management Services, a central services and support entity. Guided by Temasek’s strategic direction and mandates, the Foundations strive towards achieving positive outcomes for individuals and communities through 17 endowments.

The Foundations and their strategic thrusts are:

Temasek Foundation International

Capability and Capacity Building

Temasek Foundation Cares

Communities in Singapore

Temasek Foundation Connects

Building Bridges

Temasek Foundation Nurtures

Education and Professional Development

Temasek Foundation Innovates

Research and Innovation

Temasek Foundation Ecosperity




Temasek Trust – established in 2007 and chaired by Mr S Dhanabalan – oversees the management and disbursement of Temasek’s philanthropic endowments and gifts. This framework allows a Trust to financially manage endowments and donations, separate from Temasek’s six Foundations mandated to develop and deliver community programmes. The Trust is responsible for the disciplined and sustainable disbursements of the endowments and gifts to the six Foundations.


To support the work of the philanthropic platform, Temasek Foundation Management Services is a dedicated centre that drives collaboration, supports the work of the Foundations and promotes synergies. It also strives to play an active and supportive role as a knowledge centre within the wider ecosystem in Singapore and beyond, encouraging the sharing of best practices in areas of philanthropy and corporate giving through conferences and seminars.

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