Portfolio Performance

For the financial year ended 31 March 2013, our one-year Total Shareholder Return was 8.86%.

Total Shareholder Return (TSR) measures compounded annual returns to our shareholder. It includes dividends to our shareholder and excludes capital injections from our shareholder.

Our three-year and 10-year TSRs were 4.94% and 13% respectively, while our 20-year and 30-year TSRs were 14% and 15% respectively. TSR since inception was 16% compounded annually over 39 years.


S$/US$ Total Shareholder Return (%)
(as at 31 Mar 2013)


Rolling S$ Total Shareholder Return (%)
(as at 31 Mar 2013)




Temasek Review 2013

Beyond Investing: 
Temasek delivered a record net portfolio value of
S$215 billion, with a net cash position.


We identify value creation opportunities with a view to building our portfolio value over the long term.

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