Investment Themes

Transforming Economies, Growing Middle Income Populations, Deepening Comparative Advantages, Emerging Champions

Temasek’s decisions as a professionally managed investment house are guided by business tenets and commercial discipline. As the owner of its portfolio, Temasek has the flexibility to take concentrated positions with a long or short time horizon, and invest, divest or remain liquid when it makes sense.

Temasek’s investment strategy continues to be guided by these four investment themes:

  • Transforming Economies
    - Tapping the potential of transforming economies like China, India, South East Asia and Latin America, through investments in sectors such as financial services, infrastructure and logistics.
  • Growing Middle Income Populations
    - Leveraging growing consumer demands through investments in sectors such as telecommunications, media and technology, and consumer and real estate.
  • Deepening Comparative Advantages 
    - Seeking out economies, businesses and companies with distinctive intellectual property and other competitive advantages.
  • Emerging Champions
    - Investing in companies with a strong home base, as well as companies at inflection points, with the potential to be regional or global champions.

Temasek Review 2016

Portfolio Performance

15% TSR compounded annually since inception in 1974.

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