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@Temasek Engagement Guidelines


Welcome to @Temasek!

This is an open channel for anyone interested in Temasek. Our main goal is to engage and connect with anyone interested about us. To encourage healthy sharing and exchanges, please:


  1. Protect yourself online

  2. Be respectful of others

  3. Do not spam or self-promote

  4. Tweet relevant topics for discussion

  5. Be aware that @Temasek mentions may not be representative of the opinions of Temasek

In order to facilitate a respectful and conducive engagement environment for everyone, we reserve the rights to ban/ block users who violate our terms of engagement.


Full details on our terms of engagement:

  • Our Twitter @Temasek is a public page. To protect yourself online, do not post any personal, sensitive, or confidential information, such as phone numbers, NRIC/FIN numbers, email addresses and credit card details.

  • Be respectful of others and avoid tweeting offensive material or inappropriate language to @Temasek handle. Users who tweeted any objectionable content, including defamatory, fraudulent, threatening, offensive, obscene, and spam posts to @Temasek, may be blocked and/or reported to Twitter at Temasek’s sole discretion.

  • Spam, self-promotion or direct sales pitches are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Posts which promote an irrelevant product, group, service, website, blog, download, or social networking community or event

    • Self-promotional posts to advertise services

    • Discussions centered around religion, politics, or topics that are illegal under local and international laws.

  • Do not post the copyrighted works of others without permission.

  • Comments should be relevant to the topic in discussion. For specific enquiries and other communications, please contact Temasek via Enquiry[at]

  • By posting content on our social media platform, you agree to grant us non-exclusive, worldwide rights to republish or otherwise use this content in perpetuity in any way we see fit.

  • Temasek reserves the right to block, and in some cases, report a user, if the user does not comply with these guidelines.

  • While we strive to remove tweets that violate these guidelines, we are not responsible for content tweeted by third parties. The retention of third party content on our Twitter page in no way constitutes our endorsement.

  • We may, at times, tweet links to third-party sites, or refer to a third party products and services. This does not constitute our endorsement of such sites, companies, products or services.

  • The trade marks, company names, logos and content posted by Temasek on our Twitter page are the intellectual property of Temasek.

If you have a comment directly relating to our official Twitter page or would like to report an inappropriate comment for us to review, please send us a private message or email Twitter[at]





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