Temasek Foundations

Supporting programmes that build people, build communities, build capabilities and rebuild lives.

We brought together our 18 endowments under a family of six Foundations in 2016. This enables them to better plan and deliver community programmes under their respective mandates.

The six Foundations are Temasek Foundation International, Temasek Foundation Cares, Temasek Foundation Connects, Temasek Foundation Nurtures, Temasek Foundation Innovates and Temasek Foundation Ecosperity.

Temasek’s endowments are professionally managed by Temasek Trust, giving the Foundations a sustainable source of support over the years.


Endowment Trustee

Temasek Trust – established in 2007 and chaired by Mr S Dhanabalan – oversees the financial management and sustainable disbursements of Temasek’s endowments to the six Foundations, based on prudent sustainability and sound governance.

The Trust also serves as a convener of philanthropic ideas and best practices, an advocate of corporate giving, and a catalyst for enhancing capabilities. Temasek Trust also acts as a thought leader on philanthropy.


6 Foundations and 18 Endowments

Guided by our mandates, the Foundations strive toward achieving positive outcomes for individuals and communities through the implementation of their programmes, funded by Temasek’s 18 endowments.