We offer enriching internship programmes for students from various disciplines, backgrounds and cultures.

During your 10 to 12-week stint with us, you will learn about what we do as a generational investor.

Come discover why we are so proud of and committed to our ownership culture and forward-looking mindset.

Your Learning Journey

We seek to make a difference not just for our present generation, but for generations to come.

Find out from our investment teams what it means to focus on long-term value creation instead of just short term gains.  You will join a team, and be involved in our day-to-day work and/or live projects.  You will be supervised by one of our Associate Directors/ Directors, and will attend various workshops and sharing sessions designed to maximise your learning.

Your Involvement

We think and act as owners in all that we do.

We entrust you with the opportunity to own your project from start to finish.  You will receive the coaching and resources you need, as you make the most of the internship for your own learning and growth.

Your Exposure

Catch up with our team to learn more about why we do what we do. Join us at our various firm, recreational and community events – such as town hall meetings, Recreational Club/ Interest Group, and T-Touch activities. You are never too young to make a difference!

Apply now.