Temasek Alumni Network

Our former employees have played a part in shaping Temasek’s journey through the years.  We invite our former colleagues and friends to stay in touch with us through the Temasek Alumni Network.

The network is led by an Executive Committee, made up of alumni members. It is supported by a secretariat from Temasek Management Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings.

The vision of the Temasek Alumni Network is to build a social platform for alums to build and maintain friendships with each other, and stay engaged with Temasek. Our objectives are:

  1. To engage and enrich our members through activities and information exchange, both socially and professionally
  2. To instill the sense of pride among our members for being a part of the Temasek Family
  3. To foster the Temasek Identity and Values among members

For questions or feedback on Temasek Alumni Network, please contact