Our Investment Themes

Temasek’s decisions as a professionally managed investment house are guided by our commercial discipline. Our investments and divestments are based on intrinsic value tests.

As the owner of our portfolio, we have the flexibility to take concentrated positions with a long or short time horizon, and invest, divest or remain liquid when it makes sense.

Temasek’s investment strategy continues to be guided by these four investment themes, and the long term trends they represent:

Transforming Economies

Tapping the potential of transforming economies like China, India, South East Asia, Latin America and Africa, through investments in sectors such as financial services, infrastructure and logistics.

Growing Middle Income Populations

Leveraging growing consumer demands through investments in sectors such as telecommunications, media & technology, and consumer & real estate.

Deepening Comparative Advantages

Seeking out economies, businesses and companies with distinctive intellectual property and other competitive advantages.

Emerging Champions

Investing in companies with a strong home base, as well as companies at inflection points, with the potential to be regional or global champions.