Temasek Repositions Organisation Structure to Align with Core Priorities

Repositioning Temasek’s organisation to align with priorities in a challenging world

Temasek has today announced an organisation structure change, aimed at aligning the firm with its core priorities in these challenging global times.

“Temasek thinks long term and acts as an owner in all that we do.  At a strategic level, the changes we’re making position the organisation to protect and work the Temasek portfolio, and continue to build capabilities as we grow,” said CEO of Temasek International, Lee Theng Kiat. 

“On the institution front, we will use the opportunity to further build agility, alignment, and accountability, as we continue on our journey to being a high-performing global organisation.

“We continue to preserve a strong partnership culture within our senior leadership team, leveraging our leaders’ complementary skillsets,” Mr Lee said.

For the most part, the changes involve some reallocation of functions across Groups to strengthen the focus and improve collaboration on key organisation objectives.  These include bringing together our sector and market investment teams under a single Investment Group; constituting a new Portfolio Strategy & Risk Group to bring an increased focus to the resilience of our portfolio and better position ourselves in light of dynamic market conditions; and the creation of a new Sustainability & Stewardship Group, to lead our initiatives around the themes of sustainability and stewardship. 

We are also pleased to announce the following appointments that take effect on 1 May 2016:

  • Chia Song Hwee and Dilhan Pillay to be appointed as Presidents; and
  • Fidah Alsagoff, Michael Buchanan, Png Chin Yee and Juliet Teo to be appointed as Senior Managing Directors.

There will be some changes in responsibilities among senior members of the team – for the most part to align to the new Groups structure.  These will be reflected in the senior management team pages on the Temasek website.

Mr Lee said the purpose of the changes is to align the organisation structure with the organisation’s key priorities in the next phase of Temasek’s growth.

“In the future, we may continue to add additional capabilities to the business, as Temasek grows its investment portfolio and global footprint.  We are always looking to create new opportunities to attract talented people to Temasek,” he said.

“We are operating in challenging times, with many uncertainties in the global economy.  It highlights to all of us, at Temasek, the need to focus on protecting and working our portfolio, while continuing to build a stronger institution which positions us to meet these current and future challenges,” Mr Lee concluded.

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