Scammers impersonating Temasek in China

We are aware of impersonation scams in China that arise from time to time where perpetrators misuse the Temasek name to offer wealth management products to individual investors.

Some of these scammers illegally use Temasek’s name and logo in mobile applications, web portals and chat groups, to solicit investments or payments from members of the public. They may make claims that they are Temasek staff and/or offer investments through crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, funds, etc.

Temasek does not directly sell any investment products or financial instruments in China. We have not authorised any third party to do so on our behalf.

Our employees conduct business over email using addresses ending in and we do not have a public mobile investment or trading application.

We recommend exercising care and diligence when dealing with parties purporting to represent or be associated with Temasek.

Temasek’s official website is and our official WeChat account ID is temasek_digital.

If you think you have been contacted by these scammers, please inform your local police authorities as soon as possible.

Most importantly, do not ever give money to anyone claiming to represent Temasek unless you have undertaken the right steps to verify the person represents Temasek AND is authorised to transact. Temasek does not assume or accept responsibility for any transactions done in its name that are not mandated by specific authority.

We reserve all rights to pursue legal action and remedies against any person or company that infringes on our trademarks and/or impersonates Temasek.

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