Knowledge Centres

Knowledge Centres

Institutions guided by the principles of good governance and sound stewardship are key to achieving sustainable development. At Temasek, we established independent public institutions and worked with multilateral agencies to promote these principles and share best practices that enable societies to thrive and prosper.

Stewardship Asia


Established in 2011, Stewardship Asia Centre is a thought leadership centre promoting effective stewardship and governance across Asia. It builds capabilities and platforms that enable organisations to foster enduring success and responsible wealth creation for the long term, and to benefit the wider community and future generations.

Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics


Established in 2008 within the Singapore Management University, the institute conducts applied financial research that is driven by industry and societal needs. The institute also focuses on financial inclusion and literacy, sustainable finance, financial technology and data and governance.

Wealth Management Institute



Established in 2003, Wealth Management Institute is a practice-based education and research institute, aligned to the needs of the finance and asset management industry. The institute is Asia's centre of excellence for advancing knowledge and nurturing innovation and expertise in wealth management.


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