Make A Difference

We have about 1,000 people, encompassing 34 nationalities across 13 offices in 9 countries, investing and working together for a better tomorrow.  Find out more about our OneTemasek team here.

Our MERITT values (Meritocracy, Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Trust) shape our thoughts, actions and habits as individuals and as one team.  We are guided by our Purpose, Charter and Values, to do well, do right, and do good, so every generation prospers. 

Why Join Us

At Temasek, we believe in making a difference to the work we do, and the world we live in. Find out more about our purpose here.

We help our staff make a difference by promoting a culture of personal accountability in taking care of ourselves, our families, the institution and our community at large.


Our career development and personal wellness programmes encourage our people to transform for relevance and impact as well as staying healthy.


Our family-friendly initiatives help our staff to achieve their career and personal aspirations.


We bond as OneTemasek, continuously building new capabilities and strengthen ourselves as an agile and high-performing organisation.


We are active volunteers, both individually and together as a firm, looking across generations as a steward, investing with tomorrow in mind.

Join us and let us Make A Difference together.

We offer enriching career opportunities for talents of diverse skillsets, background and cultures.

Whether you are just starting your career, or are looking for a mid-career switch, if you want to be part of a team with an aligned purpose and passion to create an impact - join the Temasek family. 

We will journey with you to make a difference to your personal development and to the community at large. 

Our Way of Life

Bringing your fresh perspectives and insights to Temasek, you thrive when working with others in a high-performing environment. What you achieve will be as important as how you do it; we are looking for individuals who are aligned with our MERITT Values.

Our Talent Framework

We place a strong emphasis on developing and deepening the capabilities, and ensuring our talent remain relevant for today and tomorrow. Our ‘4Es’ talent framework incorporates development programmes and opportunities for our staff to gain Experience, Exposure, Education and Enrichment. We encourage mobility as a way of developing our talent to acquire multidisciplinary domains and these include job rotations to different teams, overseas assignment, stint in portfolio companies, stretch assignments, mentoring, coaching etc.

Our Remuneration Philosophy

We anchor our compensation framework on our strong ownership ethos. This places the institution above the individual, emphasises long term over short term, and aligns employee and shareholder interests over economic cycles.  This fosters a high performing and responsible culture where our employees think and act as owners, with a strong sense of intergenerational duty.  We balance rewards for short term performance and long term value creation, and share the gains and pains alongside our shareholder. Deferred incentives and clawbacks are integral to our remuneration.

Find out more here.


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Programme Overview

Our Associate Internship Programme is a structured 12-week programme within the Investment Group, offering comprehensive training and networking opportunities to prepare you for a career with us.

Through this programme, you will be immersed in our role as a generational investor and work on real business challenges as well as ongoing business projects.

Join us and be a step closer towards securing a full-time opportunity with us.


Cultural Immersion

  • Induction by team and buddy

  • Engagement with Senior Management

  • Social activities by our Recreational Club, Community Outreach and other Interest Groups         

Structured Training

  • Orientation and introduction to Temasek
  • Experiential learning to develop professional skills
  • Financial technical training bootcamp                                           


Performance Evaluation

  • Contribution to Investment / Investment Data Science workstreams
  • Individual projects (mid and final term evaluations)
  • Regular goal & performance review discussions                                                                                                                                                      

What Do We Look Out For?

We are looking for penultimate year students, from any discipline, with the following qualities to join our Associate Internship Programme.


Leadership Competencies

  • Strategy
  • Change
  • People
  • Execution



Agility Mindsets

  • Purpose Driven ​
  • Mental Agility ​
  • Learning Agility​
  • People Agility ​       




  • Meritocracy
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Trust

Explore Our Programmes


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Temasek Associate Internship Programme – Investment Group (Summer 2025) 

Click here for our Job Applicant Data Privacy Statement.


Temasek Associate Internship Programme – Investment Group (Summer 2025) 

Click here for our Job Applicant Data Privacy Statement.


Temasek Associate Internship Programme – Investment Group (Summer 2025) 

Applications for our United States campus internship is now closed. 

Check in regularly to find our more information about the summer 2026 application details and upcoming events. 

How We Hire

We are committed to help you succeed for the long term – and that begins the moment you submit your application. Learn more about our recruitment process below.

If you have any questions, do reach out to us at

Recruitment Process

  • Online Application

Begin your candidate journey by applying through our careers page, bearing in mind on the varying application timelines for each region.

  • Online Assessments and Video Interviews

You will participate in a series of assessments including cognitive ability psychometric tests as well as pre-recorded video interviews.

  • Superday

The format and components of the assessment can vary depending on the position that you are applying for, but it should include case study and interviews.

  • Offer

If you are successful, our campus team will contact you to make an offer to join us as an intern. We can't wait for you to be a part of our team!


Get to know us by attending our networking events and coffee chats. It helps you to understand about life at Temasek, what we stand for and the culture of the firm.

We are always planning more exciting events for you. So do stay tuned for what's coming up and check out our Careers Page and LinkedIn for regular updates!


Our Teams

Our portfolio spans diverse industry sectors such as financial services; technology & consumer; transportation & industrials; real estate; life sciences and agri-food.

We are a long-term investor anchored in Asia. However, we are looking beyond Asia to focus on investment opportunities available in both growth and mature markets. As stewards of our assets, we engage our portfolio companies to enhance shareholder value, and deliver long term sustainable returns.

To build sustainable growth in our portfolio value and strengthen our capabilities, we have organised ourselves into the following groups and functions for sharper focus.


Our corporate teams provide institutional support within Temasek by ensuring the smooth functioning of our business.

Whether it is to anticipate and adapt to demands from the evolving external and internal environments, or to safeguard our institution’s interests, our corporate functions are here to meet the challenges and needs of our business globally.

Teams are organised as follows:

  • Administration
  • Community Stewardship
  • Cybersecurity
  • Finance
  • Institutional Relations 
  • Internal Communications
  • Investment Services
  • Legal & Regulatory
  • Organisation & People 
  • Procurement
  • Public Affairs
  • Technology


The Enterprise Development Group serves as a development engine, going beyond investing for growth to building for growth.

The group focuses on mapping our future business value chain; staying abreast with innovation and macro business trends; and identifying and developing new business enterprises that have the potential to be global, regional or domestic champions.


Our Investment Group includes our Direct Investment teams which comprise Sectors and Markets teams.

The Sectors teams are broadly organised into industry clusters. They are: 

  • Agri-Food
  • Credit and Hybrid Solutions
  • Financial Services
  • Impact Investing
  • Industrials, Business Services, and Energy & Resources
  • Innovation
  • Life Sciences
  • POD (AI)
  • POD (Blockchain)
  • Private Equity Fund Investments
  • Public Markets
  • Real Estate
  • Structuring & Execution
  • Technology & Consumer
  • Transportation & Logistics 


The Markets teams comprise staff from our international offices.

The local network and knowledge these teams build enable us to have better insights and allow us to quickly respond to investment opportunities in the markets. The Markets teams work closely with our Sectors teams to complement their sector domain knowledge and provide local monitoring of investments.


Portfolio Development partners select major portfolio companies on strategic repositioning and/or value creation initiatives. The group works closely with the Boards and Management of these portfolio companies to perform strategic reviews of current business lines in light of changing industry conditions, determine point-of-arrival and identify capability gaps, and evaluate and execute on strategic initiatives that would reposition the company and its stakeholders for sustainable and profitable long-term growth.


Our Portfolio Strategy & Risk Group is to help provide more top-down guidance on our strategic direction and portfolio objectives. The group actively explores overlay and alternative portfolio strategies to enhance our portfolio returns. They are: 

  • ESG Investment Management
  • Investment Data Science
  • Macro Strategy
  • PSRG Office
  • Quantitative Strategy & Performance Analytics
  • Risk Management


The Sustainability Group seeks to embed sustainability into everything that we do.

In partnership with different parts of Temasek and our eco-system, the group initiates, develops and implements strategies to address climate change and to deliver a climate-resilient, net-zero portfolio; catalyses new business opportunities and solutions that contribute to sustainable development and create positive impact to our communities; advances thought leadership on various sustainability topics; and supports our growth as a sustainable organisation to create shared value and ensure long-term performance.


Internal Audit

The Internal Audit team provides independent and objective assurance via a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of key risk controls and governance processes. The team ensures all internal controls are well designed and effective across geographies and operations, and that control awareness and compliance are high in the organisation.

Emerging Technologies

The Emerging Technologies team focuses on investments into upstream Research & Development (R&D) that will have high impact, good commercialisation potential, and/or strategic benefits, to build globally competitive and differentiated capabilities for Temasek, its portfolio companies and ecosystem. ET also aims to enhance resilience in strategic segments and/or value chains within our ecosystem, by initiating targeted investments to strengthen the underlying security of our ecosystem, operating models and businesses.

Strategy Office

The Strategy Office looks into a portfolio of business and institutional initiatives in line with the firm’s strategic roadmap, such as scenario planning.

Singapore Market

In support of Temasek’s ecosystem development efforts, the Singapore Market team (SGM) is responsible for forging strategic partnerships and advancing Temasek’s policy interests with the government and other relevant stakeholders in Singapore. SGM works closely with investment/enterprise development teams to identify public policies that impact Temasek’s business interests, engages key stakeholders including government officials, regulators and trade unions to advocate for our value proposition as well as promote collaboration in the building of new economy enterprises and ecosystems in Singapore.

Temasek Alumni Network

Our former employees have played a part in shaping Temasek’s journey through the years.  We invite our former colleagues and friends to stay in touch with us through the Temasek Alumni Network.

The network is led by an Executive Committee, made up of alumni members. It is supported by a secretariat from Temasek Management Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings.

The vision of the Temasek Alumni Network is to build a social platform for alums to build and maintain friendships with each other and stay engaged with Temasek.

Our objectives are:

  1. To engage and enrich our members through activities and information exchange, both socially and professionally

  2. To instill the sense of pride among our members for being a part of the Temasek Family

  3. To foster the Temasek Identity and Values among members

For questions or feedback on Temasek Alumni Network, please contact



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