Our Approach

Our not-for-profit gifts to Temasek Trust enable Temasek Foundation and other non-profit entities to connect people, uplift communities, protect our planet, and advance capabilities, in Singapore, Asia, and beyond.

Companies today must be driven by a purpose that goes beyond profit. As a global investor, our social licence to operate depends on our ability to create value for all stakeholders, including our communities across the world. 

We believe in seeding social capital to promote a more inclusive and resilient world, so every generation prospers. Since 2003, we have been setting aside a portion of our net positive returns above our risk-adjusted cost of capital for community gifts.

These are approved by the Temasek Board before being gifted, mainly to Temasek Trust (TT), which then disburses the gifts via grants and endowments to our non-profit ecosystem including Temasek Foundation (TF), Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, Stewardship Asia Centre, and Mandai Nature. To date, Temasek’s gifts to TT have enabled programmes which have impacted about 2.5 million lives across Singapore and beyond.

Beyond our non-profit ecosystem, we leverage the collective strengths and capabilities of Temasek’s public-private-people partner networks to overcome complex challenges — this was exemplified by our collective efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. We are also cognisant of the urgent need to address poverty and inequality that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. 

Our philanthropic gifts promote social resilience, progress, and cohesion through evidence-based programmes that aim to deliver sustainable long term solutions. These programmes amplify our social goals of promoting accessibility and affordability, developing future-ready talent and skills, and enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We are committed to do our part as a trusted steward, and TT plays a central and pivotal role in our journey to do good.

TT’s role has evolved since its inception in 2007 when it was set up primarily to manage philanthropic financial assets. Today, TT also strives to be a leading advocate of sustainability and governance in philanthropy, a catalyst in creating shared value, and an investor for impact.

In September 2022, TT launched the Philanthropy Asia Alliance (PAA) to develop thought and action leadership, as well as mobilise philanthropic capital and multi-sector partnerships to scale impact. PAA’s three focus areas are climate action, inclusive education, and resilient healthcare. This was announced at the second edition of Philanthropy Asia Summit, which was jointly organised by TF and TT, and supported by Temasek. The Summit aims to catalyse multi-stakeholder networks for action around these focus areas. 

Impact investing forms a major pillar of TT’s asset management activities, which includes ABC Impact, a dedicated Asia-focused private equity fund for impact investing. To advance knowledge, communities, and practices in this area, TT also launched the Centre for Impact Investing and Practices in June 2022.

Innovative giving models to amplify philanthropy are becoming more critical in a world where funding is insufficient to provide essential social services for all. In May 2022, Temasek joined hands with other donors to pilot a Pay for Success (PFS) programme called Growing Autistic Talent for Engineering Sector, focusing on enhancing the employment and retention of individuals with autism in skilled engineering jobs. PFS is an innovative approach where private funders provide upfront capital and capacity building to fund social programmes. Other funders repay the upfront funders if the programmes achieve pre-determined outcomes. This allows funds to be recycled for other worthwhile causes, empowering more beneficiaries and charities.

Globally, we also support communities in the markets we operate in. Our offices donate to local charities and work with partners to deliver sustainable impact, underscoring our commitment as a responsible corporate citizen.


Financial Oversight and Governance

Established by Temasek Holdings, Temasek Trust (TT) is a steward of philanthropic assets, advocate of sustainability, and catalyst of positive impact. As a Company Limited by Guarantee, TT provides governance and financial oversight of non-profit endowments and gifts from Temasek and other donors. It provides steady and sustainable multi-year funding to support capacity building and capability development for an ecosystem of entities, with the shared purpose of building better for every generation — by connecting people, uplifting communities, protecting the planet, and advancing capabilities. TT aims to also forge new pathways for philanthropy and impact investing through collaborations with like-minded partners, as a force for good. 

Temasek Foundation (TF)

TF, a Company Limited by Guarantee, supports a diverse range of programmes that uplift lives and communities in Singapore and beyond. TF’s programmes are made possible through philanthropic endowments gifted by Temasek, as well as gifts and other contributions from other donors. These programmes strive towards achieving positive outcomes for individuals and communities now, and for generations to come. Collectively, TF’s programmes strengthen social resilience, foster international exchange and regional capabilities, advance science, and protect the planet.

Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory (TLL) 

In 2002, TLL was established as a research institute, in partnership with the National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological University, to harness the power of life sciences to improve lives. With close to 200 researchers, TLL undertakes biomolecular science research and applications to benefit people in Asia and beyond. 

Stewardship Asia Centre (SAC)

Established in 2011, SAC is a thought leadership centre dedicated to helping business and government leaders, investors, and individuals activate stewardship through research, education, and engagement. It advocates that everyone should step forward as a steward leader to create sustainable value by integrating the needs of stakeholders, society, future generations, and the environment. 

Mandai Nature 

Mandai Nature was jointly established by Temasek and Mandai Wildlife Group. It is dedicated to advancing efforts on biodiversity conservation in Asia, with a focus on averting species extinction especially in Southeast Asia, by delivering conservation programmes at scale with partners, as well as convening partnerships and collaborative alliances to address critical conservation outcomes. As the conservation arm of Mandai Wildlife Group, it also works closely with the Group to apply holistic and integrated conservation action.

Centre for Impact Investing and Practices (CIIP)

CIIP fosters the growth of impact investing and practices in Asia and beyond by building and sharing knowledge, bringing together stakeholders in the community, and bringing about positive action that accelerates the adoption of impact investing. Based in Singapore, CIIP was established by TT in 2022 as a non-profit centre, with Temasek and ABC Impact as strategic partners. 

Philanthropy Asia Alliance (PAA)

PAA is a TT initiative dedicated to catalysing collaborative philanthropy in Asia through dynamic multi-sector partnerships. By harnessing collective strengths, PAA amplifies positive impact and accelerates action to address the pressing environmental and social challenges of our time. PAA’s flagship programme is the annual Philanthropy Asia Summit, which features calls to action to foster innovation, drive momentum, and scale impact for a better world.

Temasek Shophouse

Temasek Shophouse is a social impact hub and home of the TT philanthropy and impact ecosystem, and like-minded co-working partners. Located in the heart of Singapore, Temasek Shophouse works closely with partners from the Public, Private, and People sectors to convene change-makers, foster collaborations, and catalyse solutions to positively impact Planet, People, Peace, and Progress. Over the year, Temasek Shophouse supported more than 70 programmes including community engagement events, and dialogues and workshops on a range of social and environmental issues. 


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