Touching Lives

Our Approach

Giving in a sustainable and meaningful way. 

We have a stake in the well-being of our communities, and seek to make a difference through our community contributions.

Since 2003, we gifted endowments for our communities based on the twin pillars of sustainability and good governance. These are funded by a share of our net positive returns above our risk-adjusted cost of capital.

To date, we have seeded 19 non-profit philanthropic endowments to deliver community programmes guided by our mandates: building people, building communities, building capabilities and rebuilding lives in Singapore, Asia and beyond. These programmes are implemented by Temasek Foundation, and their partners in the communities they serve.

Sustainability and Good Governance

To enable the Foundation to provide its beneficiaries with a sustainable source of support over the years, our governance model separates the financial management of endowments, from the implementation of programmes. Temasek’s endowments are professionally managed by Temasek Trust. This enables the Foundation to focus on what they do best – developing programmes for their communities.

From time to time, we may also seed institutions to develop capabilities that promote good governance and community stewardship. In addition, we collaborate with like-minded partners, such as universities and multilateral agencies, to build these institutions.


Our journey of giving

To date, our endowments have touched over 900,000 lives across Singapore and Asia. We provide our beneficiaries with a ‘hand up’ instead of a ‘hand-out’. This promotes lifelong skills that will make a difference to their lives, and, in turn, equip them to help others around them.