Impersonation of Temasek employees on LinkedIn

We have been alerted to fake profiles of individuals claiming to work for Temasek on social media sites, especially LinkedIn, and where connection requests are being made by these individuals.

Like many professionals, Temasek employees have LinkedIn profiles and connect with friends, colleagues and business associates. So it may be difficult to tell genuine from fake profiles. However, Temasek employees will never conduct Temasek business on social media platforms and you are advised not to enter into transactions or business dealings as a result of interactions on social media platforms.

If you are approached by someone on LinkedIn purporting to be a Temasek employee, you should take independent steps to verify that the person you are dealing with is a genuine Temasek employee. You should also report fictitious or dubious profiles to the social media operator.

Moreover, Temasek employees will not conduct business using personal email addresses, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. All Temasek email addresses end in

Please exercise caution and take steps to satisfy yourself, in any business dealings conducted online, that you are dealing with a genuine Temasek officer who has the authority to conduct or enter into business transactions.


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