Impersonation of Temasek senior executive on WhatsApp

We have been alerted to a scam involving the impersonation of one member of our senior management on WhatsApp.

The impersonator claims to be Chia Song Hwee, Temasek’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, and offers stock and trading advice in a WhatsApp group chat named “⑤-High-quality stock sharing group”.

This is a scam and we have filed police reports in the relevant jurisdictions. Temasek and Song Hwee are not associated with this WhatsApp group chat or the impersonator in any way. Temasek does not offer investment advice and has not authorised any third party to do so on our behalf. If you have received messages from this group chat, we recommend that you report the matter to the Police.

Please exercise care and diligence when dealing with parties purporting to represent or be associated with Temasek. Take steps to confirm their authenticity and authority to act.

Our employees conduct business over email using addresses ending with

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