Focus on Strategic Priorities and Building New Capabilities at core of changes to Temasek’s organisational structure

Temasek International Pte Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Chia Song Hwee as Deputy Chief Executive Officer. The appointment was announced today by CEO, Temasek International, Dilhan Pillay Sandrasegara, as one of a series of appointments and changes being made to Temasek’s organisational structure with effect from 1 January 2020.

In his new role, Mr Chia, currently the Chief Operating Officer, will work with Mr Pillay to drive our strategic and institutional initiatives as set out in our long term strategy. He also continues to oversee activities relating to our portfolio, investments, and technology.  

Rohit Sipahimalani will be appointed Chief Investment Strategist, to drive the firm’s investment stance and asset allocation for the future. He also oversees the Portfolio Strategy & Risk Group, which is headed by Michael Buchanan.

Within the Investment Group, a new Portfolio Development function is being established, building on existing portfolio management capabilities in the firm, to adopt an active approach to enhancing the value of our core assets through partnerships, innovation, growth strategies and/or restructuring across Temasek’s portfolio. This function will be led by Nagi Hamiyeh as Joint Head, Investment Group and Head, Portfolio Development.

Temasek’s direct investing units, including its sectors, markets and other investment teams, will be led by Ravi Lambah as Joint Head, Investment Group and Head, Direct Investments.

Chan Wai Ching will be appointed Chief Corporate Officer and focus on initiatives to strengthen our talent bench, build our people and talent capabilities, and create new corporate capabilities needed in the next phase of the firm’s growth.

Png Chin Yee will be appointed Deputy Chief Financial Officer, and work with the CFO, Leong Wai Leng, to oversee our Finance Group. Chin Yee also continues in a concurrent investment appointment as Head, Financial Services.

A number of changes are also made to the leadership of our international offices.

Rohit Sipahimalani is appointed Head, South East Asia, in addition to his role as Chief Investment Strategist.

Tan Chong Lee and Uwe Krueger, will be Joint Heads, EMEA.

John Vaske is joined by Mukul Chawla, who will be appointed Joint Head, North America. John continues in his role as Head, Americas.

Chief Executive Officer of Temasek International, Dilhan Pillay, said today: “The world in which we operate is becoming increasingly complex. We need to make sure our organisational structure gives us the clarity and robustness to deal with this complexity, while delivering on our strategic and institutional initiatives.

“These changes are a part of our journey, and change will be a constant on that journey. I expect our organisation structure to continue to evolve as we develop talent, build capabilities, tackle challenges and strengthen our portfolio.

“We are also committed to bringing sustainability to the core of everything we do at Temasek. We will continue to build capabilities within the organisation to elevate our sustainability journey, including embedding our ESG framework throughout our investment and portfolio management processes, and work towards our goal of halving the carbon footprint of our portfolio by 2030.”

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