Experienced Professionals

Join us as an experienced professional and help us grow our capabilities across our teams.

Our Way of Life

Bringing your fresh perspectives and insights to Temasek, you thrive when working with others in a high-performing environment. What you achieve will be as important as how you do it; we are looking for individuals who are aligned with our MERITT Values.

Our Talent Framework

Our ‘4Es’ talent framework incorporates development programmes and progression opportunities for our staff to gain Experience, Exposure, Education and Enrichment.  These include job rotations across teams and/or geographies.

Our Remuneration Philosophy

We anchor our compensation framework on our strong ownership ethos. This puts the institution above the individual, emphasises long term over short term, and aligns employee and shareholder interests over economic cycles.  This fosters a high performing and responsible culture where our employees think and act as owners, and share the gains and pains alongside our shareholder. Deferred incentives and clawbacks are integral to our remuneration.

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